Born in Cuba, Norma Guevara is a programmer, translator, comedian and stage director living in Paris.  She has also lived in the USA, Canada and Spain. Norma Guevara has been working for the International Women’s Film’s Festival for 20 years, programming a Latin American section in 1990 and making the selection process more demanding, therefore giving the Festival more legitimacy. 

As a comedian, she performed in Tangos, l’exil de Gardel by Fernando Solanas, Pourpre amer by Gaspard Noé, and in plays by Laurent Cochet, Sade and an adaptation of Joyce’s Ulysses.

In addition to managing the theatre company Katsina, she co-directed several plays, in Spanish and in French. In the Théâtre Ouvert, she directed Les Chiennes, by Eduardo Manet. She worked with Philippe Adrian in the Théâtre de la Tempête, as well as with Roland Topor (Vinci avait raison) and Jean Daniel Magnin (L’Eloge de la chose, Yout).  With Lorca, she directed Dona Rosita o el lenguaje de las flores. She led an acting workshop in the Women’s Prisons of Fleury Merogis and Rennes, directing the play by Gacia Marquez, Ojos de perro azul, that what adapted for television (El teatro de las mulas).

She took part in many international film festivals around the world, either as an intervener, a programmer or a jury member: Festival International de Film Documentaire à Agadir and Festival International de Films de Femmes de Salé (Morocco), Festival Courts Tel Aviv and Ramalah Festival de Films de Femmes (Israel), Toronto International Films Festival (Canada), the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (Netherlands) and many more.

As for filmmaking, Norma directed a few short movies, among which Profession reporter : Cuba or Pablo Milanes à l’Olympia.

After literary SATs, Norma studied English, Spanish and comparative literature in Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle.

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