Artista multidisciplinar

Abdellah M. Hassakis

Abdellah M. Hassakis a sound artist, new media, music producer, manager and engineer in new technologies. Its sound work is centered on theuse of digital technology and data-processing coding with the service of the transformation and the sound interactivity.

Its approach of artistic creation is guided by many research related on the filing and sonorities of the places and cities, as well in its dimensions of social transformations as goculturals.

My work emerges in the forms of poetic and interactive performances, as well as installation including sound objects. This creative approach is often using concepts of sound transformation that are related to sound concepts such as soundscape, resonance, glitch, frequency and noise, new technologies …. These approaches often lead my research to the creation of remixed versions where the means of contemporary communication are used for more sharing and exchanges to interconnect and get closer to each other. Through these different modes of research and production, I create my own sound narratives that question the immortalization of the moment and the memory.

I also keep a dynamic music-making activity, recording and interpreting electronic music but also renovating folkloric music, working on my artistic works or on my musical formations such as projects like DUBOSMIUM, GUEDRA GUEDRA, DIGITAL TURBANS as well as my own name. My solo performances often go through an ambient, soundscape, and immersive environment approach with poetic narrations, using analog or digital equipment, software such as Ableton Live or Pure Data, Reaktor or acousmatic compositions.